SUPERGEN’s single, readily scalable system
supports the OEMs’ strategy for lowered costs
and reduced CO2 emissions, and enables the
next generation of powertrain architectures with
12V hybrid functions.







High drivability and improved CO2 performance:
SUPERGEN’s ability to support high-pressure ratios and sustainable boosting allows engine downsizing and
down-speeding without expense of power. This enables the application of advanced combustion strategies (e.g. Miller
Cycle, Lean burn, etc.)

Cost-effective hybridization:
SUPERGEN allows a low cost upgrade path to 4-6kW mild hybrid applications, with potential for a single battery
solution. In addition, SUPERGEN supports 12V regeneration in combination with advanced battery technologies and Start-Stop functionality.

Enhanced integration capabilities:
SUPERGEN uses a „one module“ concept, including all functions within a single component. This allows for a
highly efficient product packaging.

Flexible application:
SUPERGEN is based on a platform design strategy, which enables high scalability across various engine families,
and results in minimized application requirements and efforts.